Jan Matejko


Completed in 1864, Jan Matejko’s symbolic work Sermon of Skarga presents a sermon preached by the Jesuit Father Piotr Skarga in Wawel Cathedral. In his prophetic vision, the priest forebodes the calamities that will befall Poland, admonishes against the misconduct of the nobility, leading to downfall, and foretells the thrall and ruin of Poland. The film focuses on Piotr Skarga of the Pawęża coat of arms himself. It speaks of the times when difficult choices brought King Sigismund III Vasa – a Swede and a ruler not accepted by everyone – to the Polish throne.

Jan Matejko’s Sermon of Skarga, a deposit of the Royal Castle Collection, is exhibited at the National Museum in Warsaw.

Running time: 14'

Year of production: 2016