Send scenario

We invite all those interested to send their scripts and film projects to the Documentary and Feature Film Studio by e-mail.


Below you will find information about the form, elements and content of the materials, which should be included in the application sent to the Documentary and Feature Film Studio in Warsaw.

The script should meet the technical requirements (according to the information contained in the section "Preparation of the script");
The script or film project should be accompanied by a treatment and summary;
the script or film project should be accompanied by detailed information about the history of the project (was it submitted for screenplay competitions? Has the author applied for a screenplay scholarship/project development grant and received such a grant, etc.);
The screenplay or film project should be accompanied by detailed information about the ownership of copyrights to the screenplay and a copyright note (© name and surname year) on the title page;
the script or film project should be accompanied by the professional CV of the author.

Script preparation

The following arrangement is preferred:

  • Title page - name and surname of author(s), contact, copyright note;
  • each scene starts with a header written in capital letters from the left, e.g.


  • Courier or Courier New font 12;
  • line 1.5;
  • scene numbers;
  • page numbers, pages of the script are numbered at the top of the page, on the right, starting from page two, not the title page;
  • the description of the action is written across the entire width of the line from the left, do not adjust it;
  • when the character appears in the didaskalias for the first time, write her name in capital letters, in parentheses writing her age.

Documentary and Feature Film Studio reserves the right to respond only to selected submissions of scripts and film projects.


If you want to prepare yourself to write a film script, we encourage you to reach for the subject literature. We recommend Maciej Karpiński's book "Imperfect Reflection. Screenwriter's workshop".  At the same time, we would like to inform you that many interesting bibliographical items can be purchased in the "Filmowa" educational room, located on the premises of the Studio at 21 Chełmska Street, among others:

"Film screenplay format" - Martin Shabenbeck,

"How to write a movie script" - Russin Downs

"Will this make a good movie?" - Lucy Scher

"The author's journey" - Christopher Vogler

We also recommend participation in the WFDiF educational project "Screenwriter's Studio" addressed to people who want to prepare professionally for the work of a screenwriter.


We invite you to send applications to the following e-mail address: wfdif[at]wfdif [dot] pl.