Studios and Production Halls

Some examples of WFDiF - owned facilities:

Sound stages  2 x 600 m² each, working height 8,5 m (air conditioned)

Studio 450 m², working height 4,3 m

Studio 220 m², working height 5,8 m (air conditioned)

Casting studios 2 x 100 m², working height 4,5 m (air conditioned)

Special use space:

Make up - 1, 2 and 4-position stands as well as mobile stands

Wardrobes - from 10 m² to 80 m²

Prop warehouses - from 15 m² to 80 m²

Office space  ca. 2500 m²

Conference room (air conditioned)

Production area 900 m²

Warehouse area 750 m²

Sound stages and studios have their own backlot (make up, wardrobes, green room, costume warehouse and prop warehouses). All buildings on WFDiF property are fully  insured.

Parking spaces directly in front of leased facilities will be provided for utility and private vehicles for the duration of projects conducted at WFDiF.