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A witty and sometimes moving story about a Goose who goes looking for the meaning of life and finds it where she least expected to.

Sly Fox – a hunter and predator – sneaks into a chicken coop at night. Just when he's about to grab one of the hens sleeping inside, a humble Goose foils his plan by sounding the alarm. She goes on to tell Fox that her life has lost its meaning and that she'd like him to invite her over to dinner – as the main course. But Fox doesn't feel like eating bony old Goose, who is nostalgic and poetic to boot, and offers to take her to see his old friend Mr. Wolf, who'll be happy to gobble her up. As they journey through the woods, they meet other animals who try to talk Goose out of her ridiculous plan by describing the things that they think make life worth living. But though the animals' diverse goals in life are all very interesting, none of them are in line with Goose's wishes. She wants her life to have a meaning that is all her own. Is living life your own way, off the beaten track, such a bad thing? And, as the Goose asks, “does life have just one meaning?”

Marta Guśniowska's play won First Prize in the 2014 Theatre Play for Children and Young Adults Competition organized by the Children's Art Centre in Poznań.

For spectators aged 7 and up.

The play won the Grand Prix (the prize divided between the director, set designers, costume designers and make-up artists) for "artistic consistency, sensitivity and affirmation of life and reference to the best traditions of television theater" and the prize for the best playwright (Marta Guśniowska), the leading female role (Agnieszka Przepiórska), the leading male role (Arkadiusz Janiczek), the supporting male role (Łukasz Lewandowski) and the cinematography (Łukasz Gutt) during the fourth edition of TEATROTEKA Fest in 2020.


  TRAILER (in Polish)




CAST: Agnieszka Przepiórska, Arkadiusz Janiczek, Łukasz Lewandowski, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Mariusz Jakus, Krzysztof Dracz, Wojciech Brzeziński, Łukasz Bugowski, Olga Sarzyńska, Małgorzata Kowalska, Dominika MajewskaJulia KonarskaDagmara BąkNatalia HandzlikMagda Groszek, Karol BrzezińskiKinga Bajowska 


AUTHOR: Marta Guśniowska,

DIRECTOR: Joanna Zdrada,


PRODUCTION DESIGN: Zofia Mazurczak-Prus,

COSTUMES: Justyna Bernadetta Banasiak, Alicja Patyniak-Rogozińska,

MAKEUP: Ewa Drobiec,

CHOREOGRAPHY: Kamil Wawrzuta,

EDITING: Maciej Szydłowski PSM,

MUSIC: Jacek Grudzień, Piotr „Ziarek” Ziarkiewicz,

SOUND: Michał Robaczewski, Aleksander Musiałowski,


PROGRAM COUNCIL: Zenon Butkiewicz, Krzysztof Domagalik, Maciej Wojtyszko,  

PRODUCER: Włodzimierz Niderhaus.


TIME: 56'11''




Playwright, stage director. Graduate of Philosophy at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She worked at the Poznań Animation Theatre and the Children's Art Center in Poznań. From 2007, she has been working with the Białystok Puppet Theatre as a playwright and literary director. Author of several dozen theatre plays for children, produced in major puppet theatres in Poland, and in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Many-time winner of the Plays for Children and Youth Competition organized by the Children's Art Center in Poznań. Has won several awards in the Competition for the Performance of Polish Contemporary Plays. Author of the drama The Facility realized as part of the Teatroteka series.




Theatre director, playwright, stage designer. Graduate of the Directing Department at the School of Performing Arts in Bratislava (2010), scholarship holder of Goldsmiths, the University of London, Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship in the field of culture and of the Fund for the Promotion of Creativity of the Society of Authors ZAiKS. She debuted at the A-ha Theatre in Bratislava with the play Desdemona by P. Vogel (2007). Joanna Zdrada directed nearly thirty performances at home and abroad, creating scenography for these plays, including H. Levin's Jakobi and Leidental (Silesian Theatre in Katowice, 2011), The Rubber Merchants (W. Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów, 2012), The Force of Habit by T. Bernhard (Silesian Theatre in Katowice, 2012), Gottland by M. Szczygieł (Entertainment Theatre, Chorzów, 2013), At Sea by S. Mrożek (Mask Theatre, Rzeszów 2013), White Wedding by T. Różewicz (Polish Theatre, Bielsko-Biała, 2013), Oblężenie (Siege) by P. Rowicki (Polish Theatre in Poznań, 2014 – main prize in the Metaphors of Reality competition), New Year’s Day by P. Rowicki (J. Osterwa Theatre in Gorzów Wielkopolski, 2016), Švejk by J. Hašek (State Puppet Rainbow Theatre in Słupsk, 2018), Wyzwalanie kobiecości, czyli Wyspiańskiego legenda o Wandzie i jej siostrach (Liberating Femininity or Wyspiański's Legend about Wanda and her Sisters), based on S. Wyspiański, as part of the project entitled The Labyrinth that is called Wyspiański (J. Słowacki Theatre in Krakow, 2018), Ale kino! (What a Cinema!) based on Joanna Zdrada’s own script (Gulliver Puppet Theatre, Warsaw, 2019).

Her works, awarded many times, have been presented at Polish and international theatre festivals. She is the author of many stage adaptations of prose and theatre scripts.