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The play is written in the fairytale tradition, but its language is very contemporary and witty. It tells the story of a girl who learns to deal with unpleasant emotions such as jealousy, sadness and fear. Learning to talk openly about her feelings gives her the strength to understand her mistakes and try to fix them.

Princess Logorrhea, the only daughter of King Honorarius and Queen Tiara, is going to have a little brother. She is jealous because he will be heir to the throne, even though she believes she is smart enough to rule the kingdom herself. With the help of a shady miracle-worker named Dinkum Legit, Logorrhea casts a terrible spell that turns her baby brother into a bear-cub. But when she realizes what a bad thing she's done, she is ready to do anything to restore him to his human form. She sets off on a journey to find the miracle-worker and lift the spell. Along the way she has wonderful adventures and meets all sorts of colorful characters, many of whom are, like her, trying to make up for their mistakes.

For spectators aged 7 and up.


  TRAILER (in Polish)


CAST: Monika FrajczykTomasz Schimscheiner, Dorota LandowskaRobert Roth, Piotr PolakMichał Majnicz, Piotr ŻurawskiSonia Roszczuk,Marta Ścisłowicz, Bartek PorczykJacek Braciak, Mateusz ŁasowskiMaćko Prusak, Królewicz 

AUTHOR: Maria Wojtyszko,

DIRECTOR: Justyna Łagowska,


PRODUCTION DESIGN: Justyna Łagowska, Natalia Horak,

COSTUMES: Julia Kosmynka​,

MAKE-UP: Milena Jura, Ewa Wiączek,

EDITING: Maciej Szydłowski PSM,

MUSIC: Dawid Rudnicki​,


SOUND: Michał Robaczewski, Aleksander Musiałowski,


PROGRAM COUNCIL: Zenon Butkiewicz, Krzysztof Domagalik, Maciej Wojtyszko,  

PRODUCER: Włodzimierz Niderhaus.


TIME: 45'25''




Scriptwriter and playwright. She did cultural studies at the University of Warsaw, screenwriting at the Polish National Film School in Łódź and feature film directing at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. Maria Wojtyszko graduated from the Drama School at the Drama Laboratory of the Dramatic Theatre in Warsaw. Scriptwriter of television series, including Przystań (Harbour), Doręczyciel (Deliverer), Bez tajemnic (Without Secrets), Miodowe lata (Honeymooners), Egzamin z życia (Exam in Life), Tancerze (Dancers) and short films. She is the author of numerous stage adaptations. Since 2012, Maria Wojtyszko has been the literary director of the Wrocław Puppet Theatre.

Author of plays for adults and children. Her performances have been staged in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Finland. She is the winner of many drama competitions. For her play, Macica (Uterus) she was awarded with the 3rd prize in the Krakow Old Theatre and ‘Dialog’ monthly competition (2006), The drama entitled Pierwszy człowiek świata (The First Man in the World) won the competition organized by the Children's Art Centre in Poznań (2010). The performance based on her play – Sam, czyli przygotowanie do życia w rodzinie (Sam or preparation for family life) directed by Jakub Krofta, won the Grand Prix of the 20th Competition for the Staging of Polish Contemporary Play (2014). The drama Piekło-Niebo (Hell-Heaven) was declared the best dramatic text in the 23rd edition of that competition (2017) and as the first ever text for children it was included in the final of Gdyńska Nagroda Dramaturgiczna (Gdynia Drama Prize).




Scenographer, costume creator, lighting designer. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (diploma in 1998 in the Department of Scenography under Professor Andrzej Sadowski). Set designer for over sixty performances in Polish and German theatres, as well as on the stage of the Moscow Art Theatre - MHAT. She collaborated with, among others, Małgorzata Bogajewska, Remigiusz Brzyk, Marek Fiedor, Jan Klata, Michał Kmiecik, Nikolai Kolada, Piotr Kruszczyński, Paweł Łysak and Wiktor Rubin. Winner of theatre festivals, including Opolskie Konfrontacje Teatralne (Opole Theatre Confrontations), Pre-Premiere Festival in Bydgoszcz, Contemporary Dramaturgy Festival in Zabrze, VizuArt Festival of Scenographers and Costume Designers in Rzeszów. Awarded in the National Competition in Staging Polish Contemporary Play (2011) for the visual concept of the play entitled Utwór o Matce I Ojczyźnie (Piece about Mother and the Homeland) (Polish Theatre in Wrocław). Awarded for costumes for Wesele (The Wedding) (2018) at the 43rd Opole Theatre Confrontations and at the 2nd ‘Stage Under Construction’ Scenography and Costume Festival in Lublin. As a director, she made her debut with a performance Alicja. Pod żadnym pozorem nie idź tam (Alice. Do not go there under any circumstances) by M. Kmiecik at A. Fredro Theatre in Gniezno (2015). At the Jan Dorman Children's Theatre of Dąbrowa Basin in Będzin she directed Pamięć Rutki (Memory of Rutka) by M. Kmiecik, and at the Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz the drama Balladyna. Wojna wewnętrzna (Balladyna. Internal War) based on the work by Juliusz Słowacki.