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Miss HIV


The plot is inspired by the true story of the Miss HIV competition in Botswana. The contest described in the play takes the form of a spectacle of entertainment. In their production, the creators strongly accent the media-driven nature of the show, intentionally revealing the behind-the-scenes action of a television program in which the cameras see everything, because everything here is for sale – privacy, intimacy, confusion and the unpredictability of the heroines’ actions.

We meet the candidates for the title of Miss HIV just before the final of the contest, which is transmitted live on television. The show is guided along by an actor and MC dressing in ever-stranger, nonsensical costumes. He must do all he can to increase viewership. So it’s no surprise that his routine includes absolutely everything: provocation, manipulation, revelation of the most deeply hidden secrets of the contestants. But they too, it appears, know how the game is played: it’s about winning applause and the recognition of an audience of millions. Each of the contestants has her history and her expectations for a potential victory.



CAST: Adam Woronowicz, Dorota Kolak, Katarzyna Warnke, Olga Bołądź, Anna Próchniak, Miłogost Reczek.

DIRECTOR: Krzysztof Czeczot DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Łukasz Gutt P.S.C. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Wojciech Stefaniak COSTUMES: Wanda Kowalska EDITING: Jakub Motylewski MUSIC: Adam Walicki SOUND: Michał Robaczewski, Tomasz Wieczorek PRODUCTION MANAGER: Paweł Mantorski

PROGRAM COUNCIL: Zenon Butkiewicz, Krzysztof Domagalik, Maciej Wojtyszko

PRODUCER: Włodzimierz Niderhaus


Running time: 67”

Year of production: 2014