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Hanoch Departs Without A Word


The drama draws on facts from the life of Israeli dramatist, poet and theatre director – Hanoch Levin. It is not, however, a biographical play but rather a poetic parable about the fate of a man who, on his deathbed, returns in his mind to the country and people who no longer exist. One place of action is the hospital in which the terminally ill writer is talking to people closest to him – those who keep him company in his last moments as well as those who visit his memories or are merely figments of his imagination. Because time is completely subjugated to the hero’s imagination which, for example, allows him to talk to his parents still living in Opoczno while he himself has not yet been born. The play, written with a very particular sense of humour, not without grotesque wit, touches on the subject of death in a moving way.


CAST: Wojciech Urbański, Wojciech Pszoniak, Katarzyna Herman, Tomasz Schimscheiner, Sławomir Orzechowski, Anna Cieślak, Szymon Kuśmider, Sławomir Głazek, Jacek Beler, Kamil Przystał, Krzysztof Brandt, Zbigniew Olkiewicz, Jan Pieniążek, Igor Borecki.

DIRECTOR: Dariusz Błaszczyk DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Jan Holoubek PSC PRODUCTION DESIGN: Ewa Gdowiok COSTUMES: Salome Maisashvili EDITING: Jakub Motylewski PSM MUSIC: Andrzej Izdebski SOUND: Michał Robaczewski PRODUCTION MANAGER:  Paweł Mantorski

PROGRAM COUNCIL: Zenon Butkiewicz, Krzysztof Domagalik, Maciej Wojtyszko                                         

PRODUCER: Włodzimierz Niderhaus

Running time: 54’16’’

Year of Production: 2016