zdjecia video



An intimate psychological drama that takes a close look at the everyday anguish of its two protagonists: a married couple sharing a small apartment with an infirm and burdensome old woman. An insight into the life of the residents of a tenement building, who seem to make up a close-knit community, but are in fact unable to see the tragic fate of their neighbors. The determination with which the main character, whom everybody calls Baldy’s wife, fights her lonely battle with everyday life lends her a tragic and deeply human dimension. But her sense of helplessness and the resentment that has accumulated over the years finally become unbearable.



CAST: Aleksandra Konieczna, Sławomir Orzechowski, Barbara Zielińska, Agata Pruchniewska,

Lech Dyblik, Arkadiusz Janiczek, Marianna Olszewska, Tomira Kowalik


PRODUCTION DESIGN: Anna Wunderlich COSTUMES: Dominika Gebel

EDITING: Maciej Szydłowski PSM MUSIC: Jan Komar SOUND: Michał Robaczewski,

Tomasz Wieczorek PRODUCTION MANAGER: Paweł Mantorski

PROGRAM COUNCIL: Zenon Butkiewicz, Krzysztof Domagalik, Maciej Wojtyszko

PRODUCER: Włodzimierz Niderhaus


Running time: 42’17’’

Year of production: 2019



Born in Bydgoszcz on Rycerska Street, whose residents he has depicted in Myths of the Ordinary Day, a dramatic triptych spanning the 1970s (Baldy’s Wife), 1980s (Funeral) and 1990s (We Built the Fence). Graduated in Polish philology at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He has worked at a library, a publishing house, an editorial office, a bookstore, and as a buyer in the shipbuilding industry. A visual artist in various media (woodcarving, bronze sculpture, painting, computer graphics) as well as a writer. He made his debut in 2005 with a haiku collection entitled Słowo Adeliny na każdy dzień, followed by a collection of fifty-two Nocturnes and a volume of ten short stories about 19th and 20th-century painters entitled Żywoty mistrzów urojone. Other works include a three-act play about a 17th-century Dutch painter entitled Pejzaż ostatniej wieczerzy Herculesa Seghersa, and two as yet unpublished novels. He is currently working on a Homeric epic from the time of king Bolesław Krzywousty.

Baldy’s Wife won 3rd Prize in the playwriting competition organized for Teatroteka by the ZAiKS Authors’ Association and WFDiF.




(born 1986) Graduated in Cultural Studies at the University of Warsaw (2010) and Film and Television Directing at the National Film School in Łódź (2015). Prepared video projections for theatre productions by Robert Wilson, Laurent Chetouane and Tilman Hecker. Director, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor of short documentaries and études presented at Polish and international festivals. Has won awards for Camp (Best Documentary Etude and Audience Award at the Łodzią po Wiśle Festival, and Grand Prix at the Zoom - Zbliżenia International Film Festival in Jelenia Góra, 2013), Okienko dobrej pogody (Audience Award and Special Award at the Okiem Młodych Documentary Film Festival in Świdnica, 2014), Kolorowe dni (Special Award at the Film Etudes Showcase in Turek, 2014), Gigant (Best Etude at the Łodzią po Wiśle Festival, 2015).