Tajemnica Westerplatte

They were to hold out for 12 hours. They defended Westerplatte for seven days. The story of the handful of soldiers fighting against overwhelming German forces is one of the most famous incidents in the September Campaign of 1939. It is a film about the drama of battle, about choices men make in the face of mortal danger, about the eternal conflict between the rational, represented by Major Suchalski and the romantic vision of Captain Dąbrowski. One does not want to condemn his soldiers to a certain death and the other wants to fight to the last breath. 1939 Battle of Westerplatte is an image of war in which heroism is interwoven with fear and where greatness and sacrifice exist side by side with smallness and weakness.

Paweł Chochlew
Waldemar Szmidt, Algimantas Mikutenas (na Litwie)
Polska, Litwa
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