Love on the Catwalk

Love on the Catwalk is a Cinderella story but set in the reality of present-day Poland. Krzysztof Lang, the director, also admitted that in a way, it is also the Polish version of The Devil Wears Prada with native elements. It was shot in Poland and Madeira. Beside a star filled cast, the audience has the opportunity to admire known personalities from the world of fashion: designers, models, fashion show regulars: Maciej Zień, Karolina Malinowska, Jaga Hupało, among others. The producers advertised the film as “the most fashionable comedy of the season”.

An inexperienced girl from the provinces is thrown into the glitzy world of fashion and colorful magazines. Despite many temptations and not always honest games of the jaded people in the industry, she manages to remain genuine self.  She also finds her prince and her true love.

The heroine is 20-year-old Julka who lives in a small seaside town, where her parents operate a fish fry bar. She is an only child and has to help out in the business which she practically despises doing. The girl dreams of a bigger world and art studies in Warsaw. Despite her complaining mother who thinks that during season every pair of hands is needed in the family business, Julka remains unwavering. She travels to take the entrance examination. But before leaving, she wants to say goodbye to her old haunts, the wild beach where she spends a lot of time with her boyfriend Michael. She takes her dog for a walk and it discovers her beloved in the arms of another. Her whole world collapses around her, she leaves home heartbroken. At the exam, she keeps thinking about Michael and in the end, turns in an empty page. Even though she failed the exam, she does not intend to return home. She gets in touch with Martha, a vacationer who left her phone number as she left to go back to the city. The woman has many contacts, she owns an exclusive hair salon in the capital frequented by celebrities and show business stars. Martha lets the girl stay with her in exchange for house cleaning duties. Julka quickly enters the world of fashion and beautiful models.

One of the clients in Martha’s salon is Marlena, a proud and ambitious modeling agency owner looking for a fresh, new face for a new campaign. When her best photographer and lover Casper, presents a series of new photos with a known model, the boss is not pleased with his work and suggests a session with the unknown and still unspoiled Julka. The cynical and success-focused Casper will do what he can so that the session with the new girl is not well received. But it is immediately apparent that he is charmed by her at first sight. It will be in him that Julka finds and ally in the predatory world of show business.

The friendship of the photographer and young model transforms into a more meaningful relationship. Julka will have to face the jealous Marlene and her friend Ilona, the chief editor of a popular monthly and her scheming, perfidious intrigues.


Krzysztof Lang
Michał Englert
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